Black Friday Hosting Deals

Hey, I just wanted to make a super quick message about the approaching Black Friday / Cyber Monday craziness. Tech firms are running the biggest exclusive discounts the entire year. You don’t want to miss out.

I have seen some awesome deals, especially the Inmotion Hosting Black Friday Deals are excellent. This is the time to buy hosting and domains.

But it’s not all fun and happiness. Here’s how to avoid being scammed while doing your holiday web hosting shopping.

Let’s face it: nowadays we have to worry about everything from our identities being stolen by someone hacking into our computers and stealing our credit card information and personal information. There are bad people out there just waiting to take advantage of us, and now I am about to tell you that you need to watch out for scam artists that claim to sell you web hosting services. But not to worry I am going to tell you how to avoid being taken and tell you just what you need to watch out for when choosing a web hosting company.

One of the things when did they register their domain name and whether it was less than a year ago. Most company’s go out of business in the first year, so this is often a risk you don’t want to take. Make sure that the company has been around quite a while and is well established.

The Web Host’s Physical Address

One of the most important things to look for when researching a company online (whether it is a web hosting company or another company), is to make sure they have an actual physical address. You see if you cannot go and visit them in person, then you should not use this company. Somewhere down at the bottom should display and address and then mapquest the address. Then go to yellow pages, type in the address and call the company. This may seem like a pain, but it is better than being taken to the cleaners because you didn’t do your research.

Also, never sign up with a web hosting company (no, not even on Black Friday) until you have tested their support. First, make sure that they offer support and that they will answer their phone. You can test them by calling the support line number. Do not use a company if they have e-mail support this is ridiculous you are trusting that someone might e-mail you back. Just make sure this is a legitimate company before you sign up.

A good thing to do is search the Internet for what seems to be a good or successful website. If you like the website and there is an e-mail address or telephone number for the company, call them up and ask them what web hosting company are they using. The chances are that they are affiliates and gladly reply you as long as you buy from their website. But again do your research.

These are just a couple of things to look for when choosing online web hosting. Don’t get had by a bunch of scam artists, be smart and do your research before you jump on a Black Friday deal.