Does Your Current Web Host Handle Security Properly?

Does Your Current Web Host Handle Security Properly?

Waking up to a hacked website is one of the most frustrating experiences that can happen to us as a webmaster. I’ve been there, done that and trust me it’s not fun at all.

In reality everything is possible so it is utterly important to extend our control hand to the factors which we can at least control.

I’m special

When I was in my teens with my first website, I didn’t take this  seriously at all. I always read about it but it didn’t happen to me, until it did.

At first I couldn’t believe it, I double checked the URL to see if that is indeed my website and to the horror of horrors it was my website.

Lessons I learned

The first lesson that I learned on the day that I’ve found my website hacked is that it was no coincidence.

I had two websites with the same supplier, on the same server and both got hacked at the same time, this depended on my webhost.

The second lesson I learned is that if the web host doesn’t treat security aspects as it should, I can’t really do that much.

I’m saying this because after the first hack I installed security plugins (it was a WordPress site) that would help to avoid hacks. But it didn’t, they hacked it again.

This was when I really understood that it’s not what I do that has the most effect, it’s what the provider does.

Third lesson comes naturally from the above, which is to choose a web host that will handle this aspect properly.

Secure Web Host Example

A good example of a highly secure web host would be Siteground. The majority of popular web hosts still don’t treat account isolation properly.

With shared servers for example, this causes a rolling issue and multiple sites can be hacked.

I should add that Siteground is an impressive web host overall, so I wasn’t expecting something very different for them.

So  we have one more web host added to the 59 top web hosts. Our goal of helping future and existing web masters deal with the best in the business is coming closer with each top quality web host we recommend.